Karachi: Rangers deactivate WhatsApp helpline, email service


KARACHI (Dunya News) – Even after a lapse of three days, there occur no significant change within the jurisdictions of Sindh Rangers.

Meanwhile, Rangers’ helpline 1101 and email service that were launched against terrorists and criminal elements have also been deactivated.

Sources revealed that Rangers were carrying out operations under the anti-terrorism act, however since the Rangers’ jurisdictions cease to exist anymore, the operations have also been halted.

On the other hand, Interior Ministry Sindh revealed that the perceptions about taking the power away from Rangers are wrong and that the Rangers do have a mandate of carrying out operations on the basis of intelligence information.

The ministry also revealed that the legal status of Rangers’ requisitions for the help of civil administration exist for one year.

According to the notification, the tenure of Rangers’ deployment will end on July 19. Moreover, the Rangers will also help police in establish police stations, patrolling and sensitive landmarks.


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