PPP walks out of parliament over disappearance of Zardari’s aides


LAHORE  – The lawmakers of Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) walked out of the parliament as a protest over the disappearance of former president Asif Zardari’s aides.

While addressing over the matter, Leader of the Opposition in National Assembly Khurshid Shah professed that if amendment passed from the National Assembly is not respected then there is no point in our sitting in the parliament.

He let it be known that it was clearly mentioned in the amendment act that whosoever is captured by the law enforcers will be presented in front of the court within 24 hours.

Khurshid Shah revealed that our three persons have been missing since the last ten days however none of them is being presented in front of thecourt.

While revealing about the upcoming strategy, Leader of the Opposition let it be known that we will come to the Assembly every day and will walk out of the assembly if answer is not given to us over the matter.


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