Humayun Saeed is too anxious to sleep before the release of Punjab Nahi Jaungi


Humayun Saeed is currently in a state of anxiety.

His Punjab Nahi Jaungi – where he plays the male lead and is also producer – releases in a few days and it’s leading to sleepless nights and a great deal of pacing and fretting.

The trailer has been very well-received, the songs are trending on social media and initial reports from the censor board reveal that the movie’s a winner. And yet, these good tidings haven’t done much to allay Humayun’s fears.

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“I couldn’t sleep last night and eventually took a sleeping pill at 6am,” reveals the actor. “I only invest in a movie once I am completely sure that it’s going to turn out well. Still, even the most seasoned veterans sometimes make mistakes. I may have an idea of what works in the cinema but I can’t be entirely sure.”




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