The exploitation in Pakistan’s music industry is really appalling: Zeb Bangash


Zeb Bangash has played a vital part in popularising Coke Studio, with tracks like ‘Paimona Bitte’, ‘Chup’ and ‘Rona Chor Diya’ – performed with her cousin Haniya as Zeb & Haniya – serving as some of the music show’s earliest massive hits.

It wasn’t surprising then to hear word of her impending debut as composer on Coke Studio 10. Yet, for reasons unclear, Zeb is absent from the ongoing season. Instead, she joins Meesha Shafi, Atif Aslam and Fawad Khan this year at Pepsi’s Battle of the Bands as a guest musician.

In conversation with Images, the acclaimed singer-songwriter dishes on why she’d had to jump ship. Read on:

Images: You were reportedly a part of Coke Studio’s tenth season as one of the music directors. What went wrong?

Zeb Bangash: I’m not too sure myself. There was talk of my participation as a composer for the ninth season too, since I’ve been a music director for films in India and Pakistan for a few years now. The team seemed excited to include me since I would have been the only female musician to work in a production capacity on Coke Studio; I was also moved to know that they noticed and acknowledged my accomplishments.



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