Saba Qamar slams rumours about her house being sealed over tax evasion


You know what they say, don’t believe everything you read on the internet.

Recently, news started doing rounds that the Federal Board of Revenue has found actresses Noor Bukhari and Saba Qamar to be evading taxes, due to which their houses have been sealed.

The FBR allegedly stated that Noor has defaulted on tax worth Rs 1.5 million, while Saba Qamar has defaulted on tax worth Rs 3.4 million and that many notices were sent to the two actresses but upon no response, they had to take measures and seal their respective homes.

However, Qamar has now taken to social media to clear the air, dismissing the whole incident.

She wrote, “My house has not been sealed, neither has my bank account. I’m a tax filer. It’s very disappointing that channels are circulating such news without finding out the truth. These channels have no credibility as they have been spreading such rumours.”

Additionally, she also called out media channels for publicizing her personal home address without her permission: “It is just disgusting how a person’s privacy can be disrespected like this. All I can understand at this moment is that one is not even safe in their own house. So, we should object to what’s wrong and not fall for anything and everything that comes on the news without knowing the truth.”


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